Rome, Italy

Creative, bursting with originality, Rome is trasforming itself. San Lorenzo, Pigneto, Testaccio, are among the oldest and most artistic boroughs of the town, where art through its ornamentation innovates streets and squares, giving citizens a better and more beautiful landscape.

Indeed, art does not have borders, it can transform a railway tunnel in a smoker’s mouth, or a staircase in a feminine face as well as a wall of a house becomes a boat under a storm and a religious icon, a Madonna with a baby, ‘protects’ another house.

As a matter of fact, art cannot be stopped, it inspires poor and rich people even though the poorer, the more creative: many famous artists have started from nothing or a little more than nothing. At the beginning of their artistic life, they used their talent to express themselves, downloading all frustrations and fears on a wall through a set of colourful lines or musical notes.

Creativity is everywhere, just let it express, and you will see what it is capable of.
Image: Alice Pasquini

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  1. Lovely article , it reminds me of when went visit Rome , Italy last year . I was really fascinated by the amazing art of the city , it really stood out to me , from the Cathedrals to the Pantheon and many more .Very inspiring to see i would visit there again 🙂

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