TowerOfLondonDuring a beautiful British day, there is no better way to spend time than to visit Southwark district’s entertainment places, like the Tower of London area. At this time its gardens are covered by poppies, which are used to commemorate soldiers, men and women, who died in the war.

Aside from the main entrance of the Tower, there is a tiny church called “All Hallows by the Tower”. This is the oldest church in the City of London and its peculiar characteristic is that it has a historical crucial importance in the financial interests of Catholic Church. A matter of the fact was that Edward IV transformed the chapel into a royal Chantry, which was a monetary trust fund, made in favour of the spiritual benefits of a deceased person.

Nearby the Majesty`s Royal Palace and Fortress there is the Tower of London Gallery in which there is an exhibition made by Stephen B. Whatley, an English expressionist painter. His oil paintings are colourful, red and yellow are the brightest dominant tonalities of his art.

Admiring these artworks reminds of the John Lennon Wall in Prague, so it could be good to have a look at both of them.

*Co-written with Federica Conti 






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