This is a short summary of the journalism projects I have worked on, while I have been attending the bachelor’s degree in Multimedia Journalism at London South Bank University. During the last three years my knowledge about multimedia journalism has increased exponentially. Indeed, the course allowed me to create very interesting work by combining text, images, sound, videos and graphics. I have also done audio interviews and recorded vox pops. I am eager to learn much more about this subject in order to become more and more competitive. (N.d.A. if the video does not run properly, please open it on youtube)



The title, ‘Multi Media Art’, which is also part of the logo of the website, makes the viewer understand that this is a multimedia website about art. Indeed, here art is communicated using multiple forms of content such as articles, videos, audios and so forth. Furthermore, the purpose of this title is to link it to the logo, the tip of a fountain pen created with my initials – as the pen is one of the symbols of journalism. Therefore, the title and the logo complete each other: ‘Multi Media’ (communications), which is about delivering information through different types of tools;  ‘Art’, which here is meant as the creative way of expressing emotions and beliefs; both written in tip of a fountain pen.

Barbara Nicotra, the author and journalist of this website, is very enthusiast about its creation as it is a great way to inform about art, showing how artists perceive life. The aim is to create a tracking satellite in the huge universe of the fine, visual and performing arts.


The posts are divided in the following categories:

ARTIST REPORT > brief biography of artists

FESTIVAL > review or promotion of art festivals.

CREATIVITY > street art review.

SOCIAL > how art helps to improve communities – A social artist improves society as a whole and help other people find their own means of creative expression.

AVANT-GARDE > meant as a cultural phenomenon of artistic innovation and its artists.

CONTACT > the way in which this tool becomes interactive, conversing with the world.

VEDIAMO UN PO’ > this is about information content of arts in Italian.

BLOG > link to the blog Intrinsic Value, which reports articles about actual facts.


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