Hammersmith and Fulham Arts Fest 2016

Artistic creations outdoor and indoor

Shady trees, bright grass and intense sunshine make the frame of the event hosted by the Society Of Fulham Artists And Potters (Sofap) in Parsons Green – Plein Air with Adebanji Alade. Walking through the garden can be seen many artists working on their paintings, playing with colours and chiaroscuro. On the occasion of the festival there have been interviewed the chairman of Sofap, Patricia Watson, artist herself who speaks about this specific outdoor painting event, which is linked to Fulham Library. There are also audio interviews with two artists – Adebanji Alade and Greta Chaffer. Mr Alade is a member of the Chelsea Art Society and the Royal Institute of Painters, teacher and workshop tutor, always pleased to share his wide knowledge about art. Furthermore, to him, the festival is a great opportunity to make people approach and enjoy the arts, and he exhorts the public to choose a type of art and to start enjoying it, as he states in the interview. Mrs Chaffer is a very colourful artist who explores the different media and tecniques in painting, enjoying particularly the technique of Collage. Sofap organises workshops for its members once a month and this is “a superb idea” as it can be heard by Mrs Chaffer.

Listening to the interviews is very inspiring since the artists transmit joy and dedication to art as it gives them the ability to express themselves freely. Thus, it is always a pleasant and memorable occasion to see them at work and the festival is a great way to enjoy every type of art.



Four blinking Corners on stage

Four people are telling their lives in a very suggestive way. There is Kat mad for shopping, Vicky meditates and dances, Delson and Francis with their personal unsolved issues. Four people and their way to deal with life. Four Corners of a hysterical and wobbly world, though stable somehow, tuned on original music. Moreover, as Kat states during the interview, they “use the medium of dance and the medium of theatre to tell kind a quite short story about these four characters’ lives and how they interact or don’t interact.” Furthermore, there has been made a very short interview with two disabled children, who joyfully share their appreciation of the Four Corners’ performance. The Blink Dance Theatre is where they have been artistically born as a group, although each of them is a fully-experienced performer, and run two-weekly classes in dance and drama. This is the first production of the company “dedicated to providing inclusive and exciting creative opportunities for people with and without disabilities” and it is supported by the Arts Council of England and the London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham. Besides the Arts Fest, they will perform at Hackney Empire Studio 2 on Thursday the 18th of June at 2pm.

Another very interesting piece of performing art of the Festival is ‘Mi Cubita Bella’ “a musical in development” as Ms Linda Walton of Solid Rainbow, writer and producer, told to the journalist. The story is set in Cuba during the revolution in 1958, and is about a wholeheartedly revolutionary woman Celia Sanchez, whose determination changed Cuban history. Unfortunately, it was not accepted the presence of the journalist during the rehearsal, therefore, it is not possible to review the quality and style of the performance. However, through the words of Ms Walton it can be understood the aim of the event which is to obtain feedback in order to forward the development of the representation. Moreover, she speaks about why she decided to participate in the Arts Fest 2016, highlighting the value of it.

Two events of performing art extremely different each other but with a thing in common: give the public great time, which is what the Arts Fest has been successfully created for.




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