queensJubileeGreat charisma and authoritativeness designate her as one of the most beloved sovereign in the history of the British Monarchy. With the Diamond Jubilee, the 2nd of June 2012, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II will mark the 60th year of her reign. Britain and other Commonwealth countries have drawn up a full calendar of events in honour of the Queen.

On 6 February 1952, the Queen, due to the sudden death of her father King George VI, was forced to immediately take over the reins of her country, sixteen months before the official coronation which was 2 June 1953. Moreover, she is strong-willed, this strong character was shaped by military life to which she was dedicated during the Second World War. Regularly present at national official chores like her speeches pro-union between England and Scotland, as weel as in the world, attending meetings of Heads of State as Head of the Commonwealth. The Queen has travelled more than ever, even going so far to circumnavigate the globe, always accompanied by Prince Philip Duke of Edinburgh, beloved husband, with whom in 2007 she celebrated the Diamond Wedding. Furthermore, one of her greatest passions are horses. In fact, the Queen periodically attends The Epsom Derby and Royal Ascot during which the foals of the Queen won several awards and her stables hosted the best thoroughbreds in the world market. She is keen on Corgis, dwarf dogs with fox-like snout. On Twitter BritishMonarchy has hundreds of thousands of followers constantly updated about life at Buckingham Palace and the vicissitudes of the Royal Family. You could not miss their presence on Facebook, thousands of people visit the page every day.

A curiosity: George VI became king following the abdication of his elder brother Edward VIII, the direct heir to the throne, because of his love affair with a divorced woman. Upon becoming king, he would also become legal head of the Church of England, and the situation that would arise was unacceptable. In these four days of national festivity, from the 2nd to the 5th June, London is expected to be packed with tourists. Millions of people from around the world will pay tribute to Her Majesty, crowding the streets during the celebrations to pay homage. The Epsom Derby to be held Saturday, the 2nd of June, will kick off the quadruplet Jubilee. In addition, along with the Queen’s events, on Sunday people will gather  for the fourth Big Lunch, picnic friendly born with the aim of promoting relations between neighbours. During the same day, the Thames will host the parade of a thousand boats which will be provided by the port cities of the United Kingdom and Commonwealth countries. On June 4, will be organised a concert to Buckingham Palace and at night thousands of lights illuminate the entire Commonwealth. The procession of the Royal Family, which will start from Westminster and cross part of the town up to Buckingham Palace, close the celebrations in London on June 5. However, this doesn’t determine the end of the festivities, which will last throughout the Jubilee Year during which the Queen will travel around the world to attend events organised for this specific occasion.

Her Majesty, like all the Royal Family for generations, cares for the poor people in favour of which the Queen invests part of the royalties from her many business interests by funding hundreds of charities. For this reason, and having taken very seriously her role as a leader, she is admired throughout the world, including Italy. Along with thousands of Italians living on British soil and those who come to pay tribute to her in these upcoming events, will wish the Queen a radiant Jubilee Year.

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