Sonia Choco Ladiva Chic, singer

Sonia Choco Ladiva Chic – Musical Emotion

Sonia Choco Ladiva Chic, multi-style and bilingual music performer, gives a hint about the way in which human being in the past used music to communicate feelings and shares her personal way to express emotions through music.

St. Valentine is synonym of love and feelings. This is the time when we bring good emotions in our lives, and music is a great way of expression.

Sonia Choco Ladiva Chic is one of the new artists of Red Bus Studios, iconic and prestigious British label of music history, which recorded names like Duran Duran, Gloria Gaynor, Billy Ocean, Spandau Ballet and Tina Turner, to mention only a few.

Sonia modulates her voice into several music styles, such as traditional, popular, dance, electro pop, rock and gospel, using both French and English languages.

Here she gives her opinion on music and emotions.

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