The Andrew Marr Show: Andy Burnham


Nowadays, the Public Health Service is a difficult issue to deal with, especially when this includes cancer disease. Andy Burnham, an exponent of the Labour Party and Shadow Secretary of State for Health, gives his contribute to the topic, having a one-to-one confrontation during The Andrew Marr Show.
Firstly, Burnham speaks about what it is planned by the Labour Party in order to tackle the problem of too slow cancer text results, as people have to wait too long time for obtaining a diagnosis. They are planning very much quicker results from a particular text which will be delivered over the next five years.
However, the most important thing is that Burnham strongly believes in NHS and he is convinced that it should be protected and restored and it could be achieved with the increasing of social caring, which would decrease the number of people who every year flock to hospitals.


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