Sammy is a young woman who has left her dream of being a famous dancer because of her height. By the way, she released a video interview which is posted at the end of this article.

Since she was inspired by a dancer of a performance she attended when she was much younger, she has decided what she would do in life: the dancer. Incredibly, since then, she has pictured herself dancing as a graceful swan surrounded by pretty dancers who were there only for dancing on her side. Continuing to daydream, she saw the theatre full of people in standing ovation, acclaiming for her wonderful performance as they were pleased to admire and to celebrate her. All journalists were reporting news about her ability to represent the most important dancers of the past in modern style and all newspapers displayed her photos. Last but not least, her family finally believed in her and was very proud of her. Moreover, the most important aim was to inspire other people with her talent.

Unfortunately, at a certain point of her career she realised her dream life was impossible to achieve, although she tirelessly tried with all strength and energy she had in mind and body, she had to accept her limit: she is too low in height and for this reason she was often rejected in auditions. Consequently, after having worked for two theatre productions – Fame and We Will Rock You – Sammy arrived at the decision to leave the stage and to become a retired performer. Furthermore, since then, she has started to work behind the scenes and, recently, she has supported the pop singer and songwriter David Jordan, working on two music videos and, at the moment, she is assisting him on his career project.

In my view, after having tried extremely hard to fulfil her ambition to become a popular dancer, Sammy finally deserves a satisfying work life, either in a production agency or aside music performers. Good luck!



  • video co-produced with Silvia Pereira

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