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Empowering communities to improve well-being and quality of life are the key factors at Grand Junction. “I am very pleased to be here, I am very pleased to be taking part with the wonderful MP [Westminster North MP Karen Buck] in formally declaring the new project Grand Junction open!” The words of the Lord Mayor of Westminster Councillor Ruth Bush sound full of considerable pleasure during her speech on the occasion of the Grand Junction Opening Festival. This took place last October the 12th, on the premises of St Mary Magdalene Church, which was resonating of shouts of joy coming from a multitude of children present at the event. Indeed,...
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Lord Mayor’s Show 2014

THE PUBLIC ENJOYS THE SHOW PAYING HOMAGE TO THE NEW LORD MAYOR OF THE CITY OF LONDON, WHO PARADES ALONGSIDE ARMED FORCES, ORCHESTRAL BANDS, LAWYERS, FRUITERERS, AND MUCH MORE.    “Look there! That’s the New Lord Mayor, the annually elected ambassador of the City of London!” This was the sentence that jumped out of every mouth when the gilded carriage paraded through the street from Mansion House to the Royal Court of Justice on the Strand, returning via Victoria Embankment. Furthermore, this year falls the 800th anniversary of Magna Charta Libertatum. Perhaps, not all people know the difference between the Lord Mayor and the Mayor of London: the former is the head of the Square...
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Bep Beeeep! Leave space to elegance!

Regent Street’s Motor Show 2014 A ROUNDUP THROUGH CHARMING OLD-FASHIONED CARS IN RACE FOR THE WELL-KNOWN ANNUAL VETERAN CAR RUN AND THE CONCOURS D’ELEGANCE, WHICH ARE THE MOST COVETED AWARDS.   November in London and Brighton is the month of car, in fact, on the occasions of the 10th year of the Regent Street Motor Show and the 118th anniversary of the Bonhams London to Brighton Veteran Car Run, hundred vehicles whizzed through the streets of the capital, down to the south of England’s until overlooking the sea of an ancient fishing village, which has become one of the largest English town. Surprisingly, an eerie shark peeps out through Humberettes, Westfields, Cadillacs...
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Fake News Interactive

  YOU ARE FAKE NEWS! The term Fake News became a trend in 2016 during the American elections. Donald Trump shouted it at a journalist during a conference, while Trump was refusing to listen to his question. Initially, the term described websites consisting entirely of intentionally fabricated news stories, but now, by saying Fake News, you’re describing virtually anything that doesn’t mesh with one’s own views. There are a number of related words, which reinforce the concept of Fake News, such as Clickbait, which is essentially a bait that websites use to trick the viewer into clicking on the link in order to collect viewing statistics. Whereas a Filter Bubble is the intellectual isolation that can occur when websites...
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MULTIMEDIA PROJECT ABOUT SOCIAL DRINKING AND ALCOHOL ADDICTION AMONGST YOUNG AND OLD PEOPLE IN THE UK AND ITS IMPACT, COMPARED WITH ITALIAN REALITY.   >>> Investigative report BRITAIN’S DRINKING HABIT: SOCIALLY HARMFUL? In this report it will be investigating whether social drinking in the United Kingdom is one of the major causes of alcohol abuse amongst young adults as well as whether older people are more affected by alcohol consumption than the younger generation. Furthermore, the report will be supported by a podcast about the impact of emotions on people’s alcohol behaviour, with contributions from experts and the general public, and an infographic which compares the drinking habits of Britons...
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